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I sighed, quite frankly very content with how the night was going with Rotti. It was nice to be laughing and joking and being sappy instead of arguing and yelling...

Until the man next to us spoke, with a wink he asked if I'd like a drink. I glanced at Rotti, sighing and simply said to the young man, “No thank you, I don't drink.” Well, I rarely did drink. So I wasn't lying... there was another that nudged me and whispered something (that I'd really only ever want to here from Rotti) in my ear. I shivered and giggled nervously, glancing at him sideways before grabbing Mr. Largo's large hand to show we were together, causing the man to just laugh. I glanced at Rotti, watching his eyes... He was obviously glaring at the man that had walked away...

At least 2 other men tried the exact same thing with different words... and one woman, who I actually found rather attractive- but of course I was with Rotti, and was not going to leave him, especially not for a woman...

Until Rotti grumbled... “If one more man hits on you I am going to flip my lid.”

I just looked into his eyes and tried to stop blushing while chuckling nervously,”Eheh...”

Maybe taking off my jacket was a bad idea-- because when I did I was forced into a moment where I gasped sharply, a rude hand had grabbed my ass. I almost turned to glare at the man as Rotti got close to me and whispered, “Did that man just grab your ass?” I could tell that he was nearly growling. I shuddered and nodded slowly, finally looking back at the man-- ”And that's where I draw the God damn line!” suddenly watching the man fall from a raging punch from Rotti's fist, I let my lips part and felt my eyes widened in fear... Hearing the insane laughter of the man as he writhed in pain on the floor... I knew him... I hate him...


Quickly I threw my arms around Rotti's waist, in terror, feeling as if he was the only thing that could protect me and whispered, almost resorting back to the name I'd called Rotti when I was scared of him, “Miste-- Rotti-- I- I know him...”

Is that...?”

One of them...” Only one, until I noticed their familiar laughter and looked at a few men with a frightened expression as they laughed their familiar laughs... Three other men... Three other men that I couldn't stand, that I hated, that I feared with every fiber of my fucking being.

I know...All of them...” I whispered to Rotti, trembling,

It's alright, darling...” he muttered to me as he glared at them, holding me protectively to himself, right before he ordered the Hench-girls to take care of them-- but my “brother” put up his hands in surrender and said to me, “Roxanne-- Look I'm sorry- I just want to talk.”

I looked into his cold blue eyes and drew in a deep breath before watching him smile like a maniac like he had before.

I looked at the Hench girls and asked, “Wait! ...Please... don't kill him...”

Fine...” Rotti grumbled and we watched the Hench-girls easily dispose of the other 3 men.

Perhaps...We should go home darling.” I shuddered, feeling his eyes on me now, watching me carefully. I heard a small whimper from my throat and bit my lip as a thousand memories on top of a thousand others of traumatizing moments swam their way back into the front of my mind-- simply caused by the familiarities of their faces and their laughter. Nearly every moment, no, possibly every moment of those 3 nights flew back into my mind... I felt the anxiety of the memories pour from the new wound on my lip inflicted from my betraying teeth... I could taste the scarlet copper in my mouth. I felt more of the anxieties spill as tears from my closed eyes and held onto Rotti even tighter for some sort of comfort. He held me closer into a strong hug and admitted that he didn't know what to say.

I tried to speak, but I just cursed into a sob...