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Mikayla Mustang


Post and Pre opera char.

Name: Mikayla "Mikki" Charlotte Mustang

Age: 28

Occupation: Repo woman and stripper.

Little Mikki Mustang was always the sharp tounge bitch of her known world. AKA the bitch every body knows. She grew up in a broken home where her step father abused her, the father she visited every weekend spoiled her rotten, and the mother that was never home of course never spoke to her. Mikki was brought up with a few little problems. Nothing big, she only talked to herself, made imaginary friends appear out of no where, and claimed she knew Satan personally. Clearly she had problems. But little Mikki Mustang was always loved by her friends and father.

Her step father would always say she was worthless, shove her face into a mirror and slam her head against it and tell her to call herself names. Not fun. To this day, Little Mikki Mustang looks in the mirror every midnight to call her self names. "You ugly slut, you're a horrible bitch, I hate you-- you worthless whore!"

During high school, no one ever bothered Mikki about her obsession with carrying a black teddy bear around. This thing was basically a zombie teddy bear, looking like it was clawed up by a monster under her bed (Which she claimed was there until she "met Satan" when she was 10.) When she was 17 she got her first boyfriend, he died 4 months later from Neural Over-Stimulation Syndom like the other half of the population. She was in complete denial he was dead... She would talk to him at school, even though he was a wall... She would kiss him good night after he snuck in through her bedroom window (Which by this time she lived with her biological father... And she was kissing a teddy bear. ) After a while, and a long LONG time in therapy- she had a rather large emotional break down, coming out of her denial. From that day on she would visit his tomb every day... But one day, her curiousity got the best of her and she opened the tomb to her perfectly preserved dead love. She smirked and crawled into the tomb, ripping off the clothes he wore and kissing him all over, rubbing her hands all over him, nuzzling his neck and kissing him. The feel of a dead bosy was a wonderful one. Just... Too cold.

The day she turned 18, her ex step father decided to come find her and rape her. He clawed at her face, down her neck, down her body. He clawed her so bad, he left so many scars... Poor little Mikki Mustang was scarred for life.

Or was she?

Miss Mikki Mustang turned to GeneCo, to the surgery, the GENterns, to the SurGENs, to Luigi, Paviche, Amber, and Rotti Largo. She had little money, but she'd hoped to make a deal with them.

Rotti Largo had a smirk, little Mikki Mustang payed for her new body and face...

And she payed for it damn well.

Little Mikki loved the way a warm scalpel felt, being under the knife with euphoric to her.

Soon after, she decided to get a new spine, new hips, new breasts, new lips. And with little money to pay for this, she got a new job... As a stipper down in the Necromerchant's bar.

It was too late to realize she couldn't pay for all of it for long.

Setting a helmet down on the desk in front of little Mikki Mustang, Rotti Largo also slammed a contract down in front of her.

Little Mikki Mustang... Became, with a few flicks of her wrist with a pen, she became the Vyxen... Mikayla Charlotte Mustang, Repo Woman of GeneCo.

Mikki went through vigrous training, if she was going to do this job she was going to do it right. She was graceful, and quick, and gave keen incisions to her victims. Her first victim that she caught alone, was the second time she committed necrophelia. One as the man's body fell into the dirt, she ravaged him like a wild animal and did exactly what she did to little boy blue in his tomb. But he was warm, and wonderful.


Just What He Wants

Bill gave an elegant smirk, chuckling from deep within his chest.

Rowena panted through the handkerchief gag in her mouth, watching Bill as he circled her.

“So, you survived.”

Of course she did. I saved her.

“What did you see when you passed out, did you see a light?”

Rowena closed her eyes, whimpering as his nose touched her ear and he whispered… 

“Or did you see my face?” Reaching around, he touched the other side of her face, “The face of your god.” Pushing her to her knees, he smirked once again, glaring at me, where I sat on the cold metal chair he had decided to tie me up on.

“God?” I said, scoffing, “You barely make for a human! Let alone God!”

Quickly walking over he backhanded me with his left hand. I heard Rowena nearly scream… Yes, my face did bruise later on.

“Shut it bitch!” He screamed in my face, I could smell his breath, not quite a bad smell, but you could tell he ate many mints to try to stay 'clean.' Not like that mattered anyway.

Turning on his heal and flipping the stray hairs out of his face from his clean, slicked back, dark brown hair to the point where it was almost black… He walked back to Rowena, who I could see was terrified, shaking to the point even. Bill leaned down to her and untied the handkerchief from the back of her blonde hair, taking it from her mouth. He gave that ugly smirk again, “You going to quit whimpering…?” She started at him. He grabbed her chin roughly, “Are you?” She closed her eyes, he back handed her, she cried out, and I growled.

“Fucking answer me when I ask you a question!” He snarled, his lips not even an inch away from her now sore cheek.

Rowena looked into his demonic eyes, “Y-yes sir…”

He smiled in a bitter-sweet way, “Good girl.”

I know now wasn’t the time to struggle, but I did. He should never hit Rowena like that. She wasn’t his—she wasn’t his—she wasn’t—

Turning back to glare at me, he chuckled wickedly… What was he up to? I snarled, trying to get out of the chair still. He chuckled again and turned back to Rowena, only to kiss her roughly.

I began to shout in Russian, many different words in Russian, many many unpleasant words

That seemed to be just what he wanted.

It's all about what he wants.

Jul. 16th, 2009

I truly missed the slashing sound of my scalpel against human skin, and the blood drizzling like rain on my tight leather repo uniform. I chuckled and threw my helmet off when the victim's— patient's pancreas was bleeding in my hand. I smiled and put it safely in the bag it would be kept safe in... The night's events were coming back to me slowly as I heard a few foot steps behind me. I turned to glare at the man that was now only 5 feet away.

I resisted twitching.

“Roxanne... Why'd you have my friends killed, what's wrong with you?”

“...Look, I hate you now, understand that...”

“Can't we forget about all this?”


“Please... Forgive me.”

“I'm not forgiving you for what you fucking did... “

“It was just a mistake Roxie!”

“A mistake doesn't end in trauma!”

“I love you, don't you under stand that?”


“I'm sorry...”

“I don't care if you're sorry! You fucking destroyed my life!

“Now you're just being fucking dramatic!”

“Bull shit...”

“I really AM sorry.”

“If you were really sorry and you loved me you'd leave me the fuck alone!”

“But I do love you! I know you love me too, Roxie.”

“I don't love you!” He growled and started to walk swiftly towards me, I shuddered and glared.

“Don't come near me...” I growled, attempting to raise my scalpel before he forced his cold, dry, angry lips upon mine. I could not move, in fear that he might harm me... I whined, knowing that was all I could do when his evil hand grabbed my ass like his friend had a little while ago. I trembled like I was stuck in the middle of fucking Antarctica without clothes. I wanted to move, maybe I was in Antarctica-- frozen, in pain, trembling... Antarctica was dark...And cold... Was I lost? I could feel his hand slide into my shorts-- maybe I should just shut off and let him do what he wanted---- No—the baby-- I couldn't--

I heard a voice, a familiar one, it was Rotti.

I opened my eyes and snapped out of it, stabbing my 'brother' right between in shoulder blades and heard him scream against my lips. I kneed him and made him back up, stabbing his throat as he screamed again-- I felt the blood attack my face and pour down onto my uniform. I wanted to laugh at him as my scalpel kissed and bit at his veins, it was a wonderful sight, to see the man that hurt me the most torn to shreds by my own God damned hands...


I fell to my knees and stared at his face when Rotti took a step back and asked if I was okay... Was I OKAY!? Seriously, fucking dumb question... Glaring at my lover, I was pretty sure psychotically, I shuddered and glared at the dead body I was straddling... And cried... This was the man I'd known for 18 years...Loved for 18 fucking years... This was the man that bought me nice clothes, read me stories when I was little, and held me in the dark when I was too scared too sleep.. Told me everything would be okay... Everything would be fine... Nothing would ever harm me if I just wanted him near...


(I remember every dying whisper, every desperate murmur, I remember when I gazed upon him... He looked so sweet then, I remember! I remember! I remember them cutting every scar with acute precision, I remember every time I held you, my once loved companion.. I remember I dismember!)

I sighed, quite frankly very content with how the night was going with Rotti. It was nice to be laughing and joking and being sappy instead of arguing and yelling...

Until the man next to us spoke, with a wink he asked if I'd like a drink. I glanced at Rotti, sighing and simply said to the young man, “No thank you, I don't drink.” Well, I rarely did drink. So I wasn't lying... there was another that nudged me and whispered something (that I'd really only ever want to here from Rotti) in my ear. I shivered and giggled nervously, glancing at him sideways before grabbing Mr. Largo's large hand to show we were together, causing the man to just laugh. I glanced at Rotti, watching his eyes... He was obviously glaring at the man that had walked away...

At least 2 other men tried the exact same thing with different words... and one woman, who I actually found rather attractive- but of course I was with Rotti, and was not going to leave him, especially not for a woman...

Until Rotti grumbled... “If one more man hits on you I am going to flip my lid.”

I just looked into his eyes and tried to stop blushing while chuckling nervously,”Eheh...”

Maybe taking off my jacket was a bad idea-- because when I did I was forced into a moment where I gasped sharply, a rude hand had grabbed my ass. I almost turned to glare at the man as Rotti got close to me and whispered, “Did that man just grab your ass?” I could tell that he was nearly growling. I shuddered and nodded slowly, finally looking back at the man-- ”And that's where I draw the God damn line!” suddenly watching the man fall from a raging punch from Rotti's fist, I let my lips part and felt my eyes widened in fear... Hearing the insane laughter of the man as he writhed in pain on the floor... I knew him... I hate him...


Quickly I threw my arms around Rotti's waist, in terror, feeling as if he was the only thing that could protect me and whispered, almost resorting back to the name I'd called Rotti when I was scared of him, “Miste-- Rotti-- I- I know him...”

Is that...?”

One of them...” Only one, until I noticed their familiar laughter and looked at a few men with a frightened expression as they laughed their familiar laughs... Three other men... Three other men that I couldn't stand, that I hated, that I feared with every fiber of my fucking being.

I know...All of them...” I whispered to Rotti, trembling,

It's alright, darling...” he muttered to me as he glared at them, holding me protectively to himself, right before he ordered the Hench-girls to take care of them-- but my “brother” put up his hands in surrender and said to me, “Roxanne-- Look I'm sorry- I just want to talk.”

I looked into his cold blue eyes and drew in a deep breath before watching him smile like a maniac like he had before.

I looked at the Hench girls and asked, “Wait! ...Please... don't kill him...”

Fine...” Rotti grumbled and we watched the Hench-girls easily dispose of the other 3 men.

Perhaps...We should go home darling.” I shuddered, feeling his eyes on me now, watching me carefully. I heard a small whimper from my throat and bit my lip as a thousand memories on top of a thousand others of traumatizing moments swam their way back into the front of my mind-- simply caused by the familiarities of their faces and their laughter. Nearly every moment, no, possibly every moment of those 3 nights flew back into my mind... I felt the anxiety of the memories pour from the new wound on my lip inflicted from my betraying teeth... I could taste the scarlet copper in my mouth. I felt more of the anxieties spill as tears from my closed eyes and held onto Rotti even tighter for some sort of comfort. He held me closer into a strong hug and admitted that he didn't know what to say.

I tried to speak, but I just cursed into a sob...

First Encounter

'Now is not the time for thinking negatively, Rox. You've gotta keep your chin up and stop yourself from thinking negatively.' I though, nodding to myself with my hand pressed against my chest as a fist. I sighed, wondering if anything interesting was going to happen...

I regretted wondering.

My shoulder slammed into his arm, and suddenly my hand was taken from me before I was slammed into the wall with a painful force. I stared up at the man who had thrown me against the wall. I knew him, not personally, but I knew him. I've seen him in person before- it's rather hard not to, considering how many times I've visited GeneCo... He was Luigi Largo. Luigi Rottisimo Largo. Luigi Effin' Largo... For the longest time I just thought he was another moron sucked into publicity- but now I would figure out he was just as angry as he seemed on TV.

"Watch where you're fucking going you whore!" He screamed in my face. I looked into his ice-cold and furious eyes and his face scrunched up in sheer anger.
"Yeh-yes Mr. Largo. S-sorry Mr. Largo." I responded with a tremble under his touch, his hand pinning my wrists against the wall now... I watched him smirk, wondering what he was up to.
"You better be fucking sorry." He growled, taking his knife from, probably, his back pocket before holding it up to my face. All I felt I could do is stare at him in fear, and I did so. I could tell he was enjoying me expression- I noticed his eyes light up and his smirk widen. I felt defenseless when he used one of his gloved hands to grab at my ass- which I felt very uncomfortable with. I gasped only when the knife-wielding hand came to grab at my other hip and push me up wards against the wall. My "mind" was screaming at me- telling me to hit him or something-- anything to get him to stop cutting at my new, little, black dress. I just stared down at him- fearing the worst and hoping for nothing. I couldn't think of anything to hope for.. Other than not dying... Or- maybe I would want to die after this...

I heard him muttering-- no, growling, a few things before I knew he ripped down the front of my dress. He tugged at the front of my bra with his teeth. I trembled and finally did something. I put my hand on the top of his head and tugged at his onyx, slicked back hair. Only causing myself pain-- I wasn't even sure how he reacted before I felt the cold blade press deep into my back. I shouted once in pain and bit my lip- trying not anger him further by attracting attention. It only took a moment, but I could feel the annoying and laughing blade crawl up my leg to cut the ties of security from me. I bit even harder on my lower lip before he reached up to bite it himself. I could hear him laugh at me humiliatingly a moment later before biting me right above my stomach but below my breasts. I trembled- not know that I was crying until he made some comment about it. I let my hands stay against the wall, afraid that if I touched him I would be sticking my hands into a fire. I let him do what he wanted...

Before screaming in pain and being able to feel everything he just caused. he crushed his hand over my mouth to keep me quiet. I gasped and grunted and screamed against his gloved hand. I could feel him thrusting painfully, I could hear him growling and laughing and every-so-often, groaning. I could feel the blood running down my back, the evil hand over my loud-mouth, and the bloody bite mark on my lower ribs, the bloody mark on my back slamming against the wall with the rest of me. I tried to breathe to calm my self- but the fact that he wasn't finished and I (sadly, with the way the human body reacts to it) was, my breathing could not be captured into normal ways... Finally I felt happy when I knew that when he pushed me as hard as he could against the wall with a groan didn't mean nothing. He was done. And I was hoping i was done for when he let me fall to the floor. I just stared at him, trying to breathe.. Not even sure what he said before he walked away.

The7 deadly sins (WARNING! GRAPHIC! )

“Ah, hello Alastire.” Samyile smirked.
“…Oh shit…” Alastire muttered.
His father walked over, ”I finally caught you alone…”
“I knew I should not have left with out him…” He was pushed against the door.
“Oh please, I know you’ve been wanting this all day Lucifer…” Samyile ran his hands over his son’s finely toned chest…
“Dad … Spare me this once…”
“Absolutely not…” he sneered…
“How long have you known that horrible word, ‘please’?” He spat the word like venom… Alastire was silent. “Well!?”
“…When Melchior was old enough for…a relationship…”
“…” he smirked, ”So you have raped someone…?”
Alastire looked down, trying not to look ashamed.
“Have you committed all 7 sins in a week, every week?”
Alastire nodded slowly and shamefully.
“Good…” he pressed his waist against his son’s, then rose an eyebrow, ”Scared?”
Alastire didn’t answer, he only wanted to cry… Samyile leaned forward and whispered in his son’s ear, ”I know that you told him…” Alastire’s eyes widened, “Now are you going to tell me why you disobeyed me, or are you going to get it rougher than ever…?” The devil smirked and licked his lips. Lust…
“…Dad… I… Wanted him to know he’s safe…”
“And risk your own life? If I were you I would have kept my mouth shut and let your father know he has power… You know I’ll just keep feeding off everyone for it.”
Alastire shuddered, ”Dad… I-“ Samyile kissed him hard to make him shut up. Alastire ended up biting his own tongue from the fierceness of the kiss. Alastire broke from the kiss and was pinned to the door with a loud thud, ”Augh--!” grunted Alastire.
“Alastire… If I want something… I get it, and I get it to myself…” he whispered against his ear. Greed…
Alastire twitched and kicked his father leg which only got him pushed against, hard like a sword trust… Stuck between a door and a hard place. Samyile moved against Alastire, ”Come now… you know what to do… I always have to do everything for you…”
“You do not… I took care of the Kingdom of Hell alone for over 6000 years! Until a human I love came along!” Alastire argued… Big mistake. Samyile threw Alastire on the ground and pinned him, ripping off the king of hell’s clothes, then he punched his chest.
“She’s nothing..” he growled in Alastire’s ear, ”she’s not tough enough… she’s meaningless… She’s just like every pitiful human…”
“Dad you don’t understa-“ Alastire coughed as he was punched in the chest again, interrupted by the king of hell’s armor-gloved fist…
“No one is as strong as me… You may be almost as handsome as your father- but you aren’t perfectly as such…”
“Lies…” muttered Alastire under his breath…
“AHH!” Alastire was thrusted into- he didn’t even know it was coming- only 4 minutes ago he was talking to Melchior… His mouth was wide open as well as his eyes, trying to catch his breath from panicking…
Minutes flew by, which seemed like centuries to Alastire… It was slow an painful...At the same time it felt so nice.
“uhn…” Alastire groaned, hating this more than the last time 1000 years ago; closing his eyes as tight as he could. Satan was smirking and watching Lucifer’s face… one Demon raping the other.
“You’ve grown…so much Alastire… you should…” he broke his words in between every 3 thrusts, “…know by now that… resisting is futile…”
Lucifer but his lower lip, hard- almost making his lip bleed.
“Fucking cur…” Satan groaned and gave his final thrust, intensely.
“Ah—“ Lucifer grunted, thanking the reaper that it was over… or so he thought… Usually his father would get up and disappear, instead he stood up and watched Lucifer try and recover…
“…what would…mom say…about this…?” Alastire said in between breaths, still lying innocently on the floor—trying to redeem himself with out doing anything… Satan sneered and knelt down to him, ”My son… She’s just as worthless as your boyfriend…” he stood up and kicked him in the side then took off…
…Alastire, laid there in a naked, venerable, nervous, pile of a king...” I need my child…” he muttered to himself, wanting Melchoir to find him, to pity him and understand…


This happens in a literate role play when I'm up until 1 in the morning... A randomly long post.

I ran, quickly. I wasn't even sure what I was running from or what I was running on or how the hell I was running in the first place. It was too dark to see... Anything... I couldn't hear myself, I couldn't think, I didn't even think I was breathing. But I knew one person who was there. Nightmarish Luigi, standing there, angry, vicious, affronted, annoyed, antagonized, and cold... His eyes locked with mine in a gaze of discomfort and bitter tension. I felt horrified and all I could see next was splatters. Large, scarlet splatters. I dashed through the darkness again, and I fell through nothing. I tripped- but I didn't... Because I was in my bed. Confused, I looked around and realized I was panting. Threadbare in cold sweat. How long had I been asleep for? I glanced at the clock beside me, and sighed... It was only a few hours... Though it didn't feel like it. I used the news as a reference-- maybe my clock was wrong? I flipped on the TV. Certainly, I knew it wasn't April fools day. I had fallen asleep 2 days ago... Oh lord. I grunted and then looked at the date again... Something was missing. Something bad, but important. I sat up and sat there... Pondering when it had happened last... I shook my head and swore under my breath. I flung my arm to the bottom dresser drawer near me and searched around in it.

I stared off into space. Knowing exactly how this could have happened... I felt like a moron. A complete and utter moron. I fell back on the bed, and raised the small white thing above my head, glaring at the little word of evilness. 'Positive'? for what? My certain demise? I bit my lip and then groaned in pain, remembering what had happened those two days ago. I threw the doomful object in my hand at the door right before I saw it open.