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Jul. 16th, 2009

I truly missed the slashing sound of my scalpel against human skin, and the blood drizzling like rain on my tight leather repo uniform. I chuckled and threw my helmet off when the victim's— patient's pancreas was bleeding in my hand. I smiled and put it safely in the bag it would be kept safe in... The night's events were coming back to me slowly as I heard a few foot steps behind me. I turned to glare at the man that was now only 5 feet away.

I resisted twitching.

“Roxanne... Why'd you have my friends killed, what's wrong with you?”

“...Look, I hate you now, understand that...”

“Can't we forget about all this?”


“Please... Forgive me.”

“I'm not forgiving you for what you fucking did... “

“It was just a mistake Roxie!”

“A mistake doesn't end in trauma!”

“I love you, don't you under stand that?”


“I'm sorry...”

“I don't care if you're sorry! You fucking destroyed my life!

“Now you're just being fucking dramatic!”

“Bull shit...”

“I really AM sorry.”

“If you were really sorry and you loved me you'd leave me the fuck alone!”

“But I do love you! I know you love me too, Roxie.”

“I don't love you!” He growled and started to walk swiftly towards me, I shuddered and glared.

“Don't come near me...” I growled, attempting to raise my scalpel before he forced his cold, dry, angry lips upon mine. I could not move, in fear that he might harm me... I whined, knowing that was all I could do when his evil hand grabbed my ass like his friend had a little while ago. I trembled like I was stuck in the middle of fucking Antarctica without clothes. I wanted to move, maybe I was in Antarctica-- frozen, in pain, trembling... Antarctica was dark...And cold... Was I lost? I could feel his hand slide into my shorts-- maybe I should just shut off and let him do what he wanted---- No—the baby-- I couldn't--

I heard a voice, a familiar one, it was Rotti.

I opened my eyes and snapped out of it, stabbing my 'brother' right between in shoulder blades and heard him scream against my lips. I kneed him and made him back up, stabbing his throat as he screamed again-- I felt the blood attack my face and pour down onto my uniform. I wanted to laugh at him as my scalpel kissed and bit at his veins, it was a wonderful sight, to see the man that hurt me the most torn to shreds by my own God damned hands...


I fell to my knees and stared at his face when Rotti took a step back and asked if I was okay... Was I OKAY!? Seriously, fucking dumb question... Glaring at my lover, I was pretty sure psychotically, I shuddered and glared at the dead body I was straddling... And cried... This was the man I'd known for 18 years...Loved for 18 fucking years... This was the man that bought me nice clothes, read me stories when I was little, and held me in the dark when I was too scared too sleep.. Told me everything would be okay... Everything would be fine... Nothing would ever harm me if I just wanted him near...


(I remember every dying whisper, every desperate murmur, I remember when I gazed upon him... He looked so sweet then, I remember! I remember! I remember them cutting every scar with acute precision, I remember every time I held you, my once loved companion.. I remember I dismember!)


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Jul. 16th, 2009 05:24 pm (UTC)
awwwww ;_; you got a tear out of me, not gonna lie.
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